Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mini MAC haul and review

Hey  guys, today I got a mini Mac haul only because I got one thing. This is my first Mac product, so I was so excited when the package arrived at my house. Of course MAC products come in a little black box. I actually had a laugh when i saw the way MAC had packaged it with the tissue paper, with the one little MAC product in the middle of the box.

 I got only one thing because MAC is a little out of my price range currently. I purchased a paint pot in Painterly, which is apart of MAC permanent line. Amarixe is my favorite beauty guru on YouTube and she speaks very highly about this product. If you haven't seen her blog or you haven't watched her videos go check her out because she is awesome! Her blog is Her YouTube is 

 The first thing I noticed was the iconic black MAC packaging. (Which I still have, I can't bear to throw it away)  I was also surprised at how small the little box was, for some reason I thought it would be bigger. However, with the size of the little box is what makes it so cute.

I also really like the packaging of the paint pots themselves, with the classic black top and glass container. The paint pots weigh about a pound, when I was holding it in my hand it was almost like I could feel the quality of the product.

Painterly is a flesh toned blend able cream product. Paint pots are usually used as a base on the eyelid, which is why I bought Painterly.I was also pleased with the amount of product I got, it is going to take me awhile to use this.

Here is Painterly swatched on my hand, you can barely see it. Its the perfect flesh toned color that matches the skin on my eyelid. It blends nicely onto my lid and my brow bone. It hides the veins and discoloration on my lids. So far I am very pleased with this product and I hope to make more purchases from MAC in the future. :)

Here is the MAC website link to the paint pots 

So until next time Stay Beautiful :)

Friday, October 21, 2011

bh cosmetics haul!

Hey guys.. I am super excited to be making my first real blog post and its going to be a haul! Yay! So I have been looking at  getting a 120 palette from bh cosmetics for awhile now and I finally decided on one.  

I decided on the 2nd edition. It was $23 plus shipping. I was very impressed by the packaging and the care that went into it to make sure I got my package in purchase in perfect condition. The palette itself came in its own box, inside of the package. Even in it's little box the palette was wrapped in bubble wrap.

The palette is a sleek glossy black. With two layers of 54 eye shadows. There are a mix of shimmer and matte shadows.

The first layer of shadows is mostly brighter colors. I love bright colors personally but I am really loving the shimmery bright colors. The shades of color in this palette is gorgeous.

The second layer has more shimmery shades than the first. In this layer there are some warm browns, beautiful reds and purples, along the blues and greens, which i am just in love with.

I love the gradient of the colors when the layers are next to each other in the palette.  The only thing i don't like about this palette is that there no mirror but that's just me. Over all I love this palette and i can't wait to start playing with all the colors.

 Get your own at

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Hello Everyone! I have an obsession with make-up, make-up blogs, and the YouTube beauty community. I would love to join YouTube's beauty community but i want to make quality videos but i need a better camera than my webcam. So until that happens I'm just going to blog :). I recently bought a ton of stuff so everyday im going to do a post about it :)
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